1. Samantha - Boudoir

    23 Nov 2014
    Wow. Talk about a pre-wedding gift to your soon to be husband (now husband)! Sam wanted to give Jason a gift no other man will ever get and boy, was it a good one! Samantha and I got together for a perfectly, understated sexy, nerdy, amazingly awesome boudoir session before…

  2. Nora into Night

    22 Nov 2014
    Nora and I got together one late October afternoon to take a walk down old neighborhoods and stand on stranger’s porches. We walked the streets into evening, just as the shadows began to come alive. With a touch of magic and a fur coat, we shot until the streetlights came…

  3. Christopher in September

    13 Nov 2014
    Chris is a friend of mine whom I have known since elementary school. He recently moved to Seattle to start a new chapter in his life and I really wanted to photograph him before he left. I’m finally getting to post these Our photo adventure was quite a trek. The…

  4. UOabq x Claire G x BrBa

    02 Oct 2014
    Representing abq, my coworkers and I got together for a fantastically Breaking Bad themed employee style photo shoot this past Sunday. We all got up super early to trek across old town albuquerque and the north east heights to some of the shooting locations for Breaking Bad and even stopped…

  5. Marina Under Gray Skies

    19 Sep 2014
    Marina and I got together for a shoot last month. We had some issues arise at a previous location with a homeless man provoking us. Nevertheless the shoot continued and we ended up finding this cool little spot driving around. Enjoy

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